Our investment approach is driven by intellectual curiosity, combined with a profound understanding of entrepreneurs and financial markets. Our people-focused approach combined with a very long investment horizon enable us to be different and explore opportunities that most market participants can’t. This enables us to be a trusted partner to the very best investors.


The best investors can show more than just outstanding results. They possess a sustainable advantage in what they do. We complement this advantage, diving deep into the intricacies of the opportunities at hand until we understand them. This lets us support new ideas and teams, creating mutually beneficial partnerships with outstanding managers early on.

We have a successful long-term track record of investing across asset classes. In accordance with our broad mandate, we have done investments ranging from directly supporting listed and private companies and developing greenfield renewable energy projects, to backing a range of exceptional managers specializing in anything from traditional private equity to bankruptcy claims. We mainly focus on the Nordics and Baltics even though our mandate is global.

As a natural part of our operations, we also engage in active shorter-term trading with listed securities.


Our flexible asset base enables us to seize new opportunities and make swift decisions, making us an efficient and agile partner. We strengthen our partners by leveraging our network and providing our expertise.

Moving forward, we remain committed to fulfilling our responsibility by pursuing our passion for investing and partnering with the sharpest teams on that journey.