Our people-focused approach, combined with a very long investment horizon, enables us to be different and explore opportunities that most market participants can’t.


At CEFO, we aim to foster a culture of camaraderie. Both within our team and with our external partners, we succeed together, recognizing the importance of each contribution. For us, this is both a privilege and a responsibility.

Investing is our passion and we put our heart into what we do. We are intellectually curious. Our 400-year history gives us persistence, perspective, and patience. While we are easy to deal with and approachable, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Within the team, we cover a broad range of experiences ranging from investing, finance, and operative corporate roles. Five team members have been CEOs, CFOs, or Chairs of listed or unlisted regulated financial institutions, while some team members are recent graduates. We embrace our multicultural atmosphere, speaking six different languages daily, which reflects our commitment to a broad, inclusive, and ever-evolving perspective.